Can South Tyrol become an (independent) state?

The book with 40 answers for an independent future of South Tyrol

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The book with 40 answers for an independent future of South Tyrol

An independent state of South Tyrol

Illusion or possible scenario? 

More than a hundred years after the annexation by the Italian state, this book examines the idea of an independent state of South Tyrol in detail, for the very first time. A team of scientists, professors, bloggers, authors and other experts - with different attitudes towards independence - has been working intensively on this topic for years. They received professional support from  South Tyrolean as well as global experts. The work was additionally accompanied by an advisory board.

The research results are published in this book. Possible steps to build a new state are explained clearly, simply and concisely. The opportunities, risks, conditions and various strategies are presented in detail. This book offers a comprehensive fact check on which further discussions can and should be based on.

It is suitable for detailed reading and, thanks to the clear structure, also for looking up individual subject areas.

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Foundations for independence

  • The story of an idea 
  • Statehood: South Tyrol as a community of will
  • Coexistence of language groups
  • Examples of other small states and regions striving for independence
  • Strategies for achieving independence


  • The right to self-determination and article 5 of the Italian Constitution
  • Self-determination as a process
  • Self-determination: towards electoral majorities 
  • Potential reactions of Italy to the independence process

Founding and transition

  • Founding and transition
  • Allocation of government assets and debts

International Relations

  • The relationship of a state of South Tyrol to the European Union
  • Inclusion in the international community
  • Relations with international organizations
  • External relations and relations with neighboring countries
  • International agencies
  • European region Tirol, EUSALP AND ARGEALP

Finance and economy

  • National economy and economy in general
  • Cooperatives
  • Currency
  • Central bank
  • Possible boycott of South Tyrolean products in Italy and abroad 
  • National finances
  • Public budget

Health, well-being and social affairs

  • Healthcare
  • Sports
  • Pensions and retirement plans

Education, media and culture

  • Education and Research
  • Telecommunications
  • Media
  • Culture

Environment, energy and transportation

  • Nature and environmental protection 
  • Energy
  • Transport and mobility 

Justice and security

  • Legal system and jurisdiction
  • Internal security and international coordination of law enforcement
  • Citizenship, asylum and migration policy
  • National security

Public administration

  • The public administration as an employer
  • Regulatorybodiesandinstitutions

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